Wedding Cake – Sunday 4th August


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Valrhona Guanaja 70% Dark Chocolate Mousse & Cremeux, Praline Feuillete, Toasted Hazelnut Dacquoise, Praline Emulsion, Dark Chocolate Glacage, White Chocolate Flower & Green & Bronze Leaves.

The Cake Awards 2013

The ‘Dome Chocolat et au Praline Feuillete’ won ‘Bakery Shop Cake of the Year’ and ‘Overall Cake of the Year’ at The Cake Awards 2013 held at the Park Lane Hotel in London on July 17th.

The cake comprised of layers of Guanaja Dark Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Cremeux, Praline Feuillete, Toasted hazelnut Dacquoise and a Praline Emulsion.

Natural Leavened Breads & More

A sour dough bread starts with a pre-ferment (the ‘starter’ or ‘levain’), made up of water and flour which is left to ferment. This levain is then added to the final dough giving the baked bread the unique acidic flavours and depth of a sour dough loaf.

Below is the production of Pain de Campagne Sour, 30% Rye Sour and other breads.

Wedding Cake: Jasmine, White Chocolate & Raspberry


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Commissioned wedding cake for Carol & Peter; Jasmine Green Tea & White Chocolate Creme Legere, Raspberry Pepins, Walnut & All Flowers Honey Spongecake. Flowers by Bloomia, Dunbar.

My Daily Bread 2: Baguette a la Semoule & Pain Complet


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Whenever I am making bread I use a pate fermentee which I have had for a long time now. It started off as some fermented apple juice and flour. Now it produces the most wonderfully tasting bread.

When I first started the fermentation I split it in two and made a rye leaven and a white leaven. This weekend I used both; the rye leaven to make a Pain Complet and the white leaven for two large baguette and a few small petit pain baguette.

Wedding Cake


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In September 2011 my wife Lindsay and I got married in beautiful location, Castle Lachlan on Loch Fyne. We had a wonderful day and meal. We only had a starter and main course as the wedding cake was for dessert. Being a pastry chef and constantly making cakes and desserts for others to eat and enjoy, it was a great feeling to make my own wedding cake, however I was unaware that my wife didn’t just want one wedding cake, she wanted three and a selection of macarons for wedding favours.

The cakes were a Raspberry Charlotte, a Milk Chocolate and Salted Caramel Peanut Tart and for the main cake a Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut two tiered entremet.

Here is the assembly of one of the cakes, one of my wifes favourites the Raspberry Charlotte. It was made up of layers of Raspberry Mousse, Biscuit Cuillere soaked in Raspberry Liqueur Syrup and Fresh Raspberries.


I wanted to do some really nice chocolate decoration as the cakes themselves were kept simple. I chose to do a white chocolate flower for the top of the main cake and large green leaves for the caramel tart. The white chocolate petals were created by piping lines of tempered white chocolate onto strips of greaseproof paper, laying another piece of paper on top and using your finger flattening out the chocolate, this was then rolled and left to crystallize. The flower was then assembled using tempered white chocolate and cooling spray.

As for the green leaves, this affect was achieved by painting red and green coloured cocoa butter onto acetate followed by a thin layer of tempered white chocolate and then a thicker layer of tempered dark chocolate to help support the weight of the large curls. The shape was then cut out using a knife and the acetate was wrapped around a cylinder tube and left to crystallise.

Below is a test of the white chocolate flower, the final one had a lot more petals to it and the final rolls of green leaves.

Here are a few pictures of the cakes on the day. Not a crumb was left. Almost everyone had a piece of each.
From left to right;
  1. Jivara Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Salted Peanut Tart with the Green Chocolate Leaves and a selection of macarons.
  2. Raspberry Charlotte, Biscuit Cuillere and Fresh Raspberries.
  3. Dark Chocolate and Bourbon Vanilla Mousse, Dark Chocolate Cremeux, Praline Feuillete, Toasted Hazelnut Dacquoise, Almond Sponge Cake, White Chocolate Leaf.


The macarons for wedding favours were; Pistachio, Raspberry, White Chocolate with Raspberry Pepins and Milk Chocolate and Passion Fruit wrapped in a cellophane bag with each persons name on a tag and used for place settings.


Afternoon Tea Menu


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Here is a sample menu of an exquisite French Afternoon Tea you could be hosting for you and your friends.

It would be  perfect for a special birthday, christening, baby shower or to just indulge in a perfect afternoon with amazing cakes, savouries and tea.

Come on people you owe it to yourselves!

French Afternoon Tea – £22.50 per person.



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I provide a service of bread making classes, in these classes I will be showing you how to make your own Pate Fermentee for breads such as Pain aux Cereales, Pain au Cidre aux Pommes and Pain aux Pruneaux et Noisettes.

Macarons Chocolate and Yuzu



A few pictures of my Chocolate and Yuzu Macarons being made for a Birthday a few months back. Chocolate Macaron with Madirofolo Madagascar 65% and Yuzu Ganache. The natural fruity acidic notes in the chocolate worked perfectly with the Yuzu.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia. It looks a little like a small grapefruit and it can be green or yellow. Its flavour is tart similar to that of a grapfruit with tones of mandarin. In Korea it is used with sugar and honey, it’s thinly sliced and cooked with the sugar and honey to make a marmalade.

Total Food Geeks “Good Things in Small Packages”


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On Tuesday I was asked by Georgia and Emily at Total Food Geeks to write a guest post with their January theme in mind “Good Things in Small Packages”. I chose to do a step-by-step recipe for a Pistachio Creme Brulee, Ginger Poached Pineapple and Milk Chocolate Chantilly Verrine.


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